What I love about Eco-friendly Executive Cabinetry

Breakfast Bar Executive Cabinetry

  ECO-FRIENDLY CABINETS: What do I love about Eco-friendly Executive Cabinetry? I’ve been designing and selling Executive Cabinetry for close to 10 years and it’s my favorite cabinet company. Not only are they Eco-friendly on the manufacturing end but the cabinets themselves are also Eco-friendly. Executive Cabinetry is the only…

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Lessons Learned: Size of tile matters

Lessons Learned: Size of tile matters. When I worked as a carpenter’s apprentice for a remodeling company, I was helping tile a master bathroom floor and shower. It was a long arduous process and over budget. The following is what I learned from this job. Lesson 1: Know the exact…

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Climate Change: Manmade vs Natural

Climate Change drought to floods

In the 1970’s the EPA was formed under President Nixon to establish policies to protect our only home-Earth. Now the EPA is under attack. Economics over Environment. But the Environment is fighting back. Climate change is real. Take a look around: Out of control forest fires in the western United…

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Anthony Hars Architect: Toxic materials vs. allergies

A few days ago, I was going through my father’s belongs, (the late Anthony Hars, Architect) and found one of his many writings. As I read it I was impressed by the way he thought about Architecture and how it relates to us and the environment. Close to 50 years ago…

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Lawrence Homestead, Groton, MA

In the late 1960’s my father, Anthony Hars, was working as an Architect for the famed Boston Architect, James Lawrence, Jr.  In 1967, my parents were expecting their third child and the 800 sf two bedroom cape in Winchester, MA, was bursting at the seams. My father asked James for a…

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Compensation for Design Services Performed

Compensation: Is a great design which meets your present and future lifestyle important to you? Do you value a great design which a builder bases his or her quote? Compensation: Just like you, Designers are paid for the work we perform. It’s the value that counts. Depending on the project…

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Honey I’m Home! Wherever that might be.

A multi-functional home

I lived in Groton, MA, and the surrounding area for over 45 years before relocating to Whitefish, Montana near Glacier National Park. What a beautiful area it is. The diversity of people and landscapes all wrapped up into one. The hustle and bustle of life and the quiet sounds of…

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