Compensation for Design Services Performed

Future Master Suite

Isometric View of Master Suite

Compensation: Is a great design which meets your present and future lifestyle important to you? Do you value a great design which a builder bases his or her quote? Compensation: Just like you, Designers are paid for the work we perform. It’s the value that counts.

Depending on the project my compensation is as follows:

Hourly: Small jobs such as consulting on colors, furniture placement, or shopping, I charge $75 per hour. According to the national average range for Interior Designers is between $50-$200 per hour. Factors include location, experience, and scope of work. I give my clients an invoice detailing the hours I spend on the project.

Time and Materials: This is an hourly design rate plus finish materials that are bought through Maria JK Hars Designs. This is the same concept that builders charge.

Fixed/flat fee:  The cost depends on the scope of work. The more elaborate the higher the cost. Kitchens and bathrooms are the most detailed and expensive rooms in the home. An updated and well designed kitchen and bathroom will increase the value of your home. My design fees are as follows:

  • A standard bathroom: $300.
  • Laundry room: $300+
  • An elaborate bathroom: $750+.
  • Kitchen design: Ranges from $1000-$2000.
  • Master walk in closet: $500.
  • Redesigning per room: $500.
  • Redesigning a whole house: $4,000-$5,000.

These fees can change based on the project.

You are going to live with that floor plan and materials, so it better work for you. The cost includes the initial consultation of understanding your wants, needs and budget to designing floor plans, meetings with you, meeting with the builder, meeting with tradespeople, building departments, and creating working drawings. We spend many hours on the project to give you the best design which meets your present and future lifestyle.

Resale: Instead of paying a direct fee, I am paid through the products. My vendors/suppliers give me a discount and I mark it up and resell it to you. This is standard practice in the kitchen and bath industry.  If you buy cabinetry through a big box store, a showroom or an independent designer, the designers work is compensated through the price of the material. If you are not paying for the services directly, you are paying indirectly for the services through the products.


I charge a flat fee for design and a resale fee on finished products/materials from my vendors (see above-Resale) This is similar to the concept builders charge for their time and materials to do the job.

The Contract: My contract is called a Scope of Work Letter. This is a detailed letter which outlines your wants, needs, budget, time frame and financial commitment. The contract explains the process and how compensation for services are paid. It’s a series of one on one meetings. Each meeting is about 1-2 hours. My fee is broken down per meeting. I bring the drawings, we discuss changes and I am paid at the end of each meeting.  For example if the fixed rate is $2,000 and there are four meetings, I’m paid $500/meeting . Once the contract is signed by all parties then work commences.

If you are renovating a kitchen, a large bathroom, a laundry room, or a master walk-in closet which includes many finished materials such as cabinetry, counter-tops, plumbing/lighting fixtures, wall finishes, flooring, windows, and hardware I will credit you the design fee if you buy all the finished materials through my company.



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