Maria JK Hars Designs: For the past 14 years I have been helping people redefine their living spaces which meets their present and future needs. Many clients have plenty of space but it’s how they use it is the problem. I offer solutions and show them how to live comfortably in their existing space without have to add-on. I believe square footage is a state of mind. My late father, Anthony Hars was an Architect for over 50 years. He was my mentor and I learned a great deal from him. Growing up in an Architect's home I've always been fascinated with Eco-friendly homes. I try to incorporate "Green" into every project; whether it's designing with passive solar principles, incorporating recycling, reusing in the construction and using Eco-friendly building and finished materials. One of my passions is to work with Green Tradespeople who want to design/build and restore homes using non toxic/reclaimed materials. Healthier homes make healthier, happier people.