Reconfiguring floor plan

Reworking the first floor to accommodate a future 2nd story

The Process:

True South Designs will work with you every step of the way. We help with the initial planning and design, preparing for construction, professional installation, and everything else, from the initial touches to the final touches that turn your house into a home.

Step 1: Initial phone conversation:

We invite you to call us at 603.716.6885 to discuss your project. We can answer your questions about the materials, prices, sources, timelines, and our process to assist you with your planning. We will also discuss your budget and how you will finance it. If we both agree that this sounds like a good fit, we’ll move on to the next stage.

Step 2: Initial home/property consultation: $250

After our phone conversation, we will schedule a time for Maria to visit your home or the building site. This is where we discuss what you like and don’t like as we look at the spaces or the lay of the land, what you envision, timing, and expectations. She will take pictures so she has a better understanding of the project. She will also look at the structure, electrical, plumbing, and other areas to ensure they are adequate for the remodel. If it’s new construction she will study where True South is and how it relates to the house’s siting. Items we will want to discuss may include:

Confirm you have already reviewed our process for how we do business and answer any questions.

What do you expect of the designer and contractor, including the process, quality of workmanship, and quality of materials

The reasons and or purposes for considering your remodeling/new construction project

Your desired timeframe, including start and completion dates

The project and product style and/or design you are looking for and how it relates to the budget

How and when you plan to make project-related decisions

How do you define and measure a successful project?

Step 3: Scope of work letter aka Design Contract:

Maria creates a Scope of work letter detailing what you are looking for (your wishlist), a time design outline, and a design that fits your budget. This is based on her years of experience and similar projects. The design stage takes anywhere from 4-8 weeks, depending on the size and details of the project. We can meet in person or via email/FaceTime. The total design fee is broken down and paid at the end of the five meetings. The contract includes the following:

Meetings 1 & 2:  Firming up the design/layout using the Chief Architect’s CAD program for the designs. *Up to 3 conceptual designs. Once we have a firm design, our team of contractors comes in and gives us a labor quote (this is not an estimate but a quote)

Meeting 3: Go to various showrooms to pick out the finished products within the budget.

Meeting 4: Finalize the design layout and finished products

Meeting 5: 3 sets of Working Drawings: 1 for you, 1 for the contractor, and 1 for the building inspector. This can also be emailed.

*Anything over three conceptual designs is $75/hour.

Kitchen Design: $1,500

Master Bathroom Design: $1,000

Other rooms: $500/room

Bundle: Fee-based on project size:

Additions/New Homes/Accessory units: Working Drawings fee (see below):

Percentage 2.5% of the opinion of cost or

Flat Fee: Minimum: $7,500, depending on the size of the project and the details or

Hourly Rate: $75/hr

Consultation: $75/hr

If everything is satisfactory, the design contract is signed, and the design process begins. We will set up a time to measure before the first meeting.

Step 4: Construction Contracts:

If you plan on using True South Designs as a design-build company, Construction contracts are signed, and deposits are paid. This locks in the contractors for the project. Maria is the Project Manager/Coordinator. Permits will be acquired at this stage.

We have an organized process for completing the renovations of your home. As part of this process, there will be several meetings that you will need to attend and participate in. These will be scheduled in advance so everyone can be present, involved, and informed throughout the process.
After agreeing to move forward with your project, we will work on getting it ready for construction.  We call this the pre-construction phase. Once the construction contracts are signed and deposits are paid, we can lock in the contractors for the start dates.

Step 5: Product Ordering Stage:

After the Finished product contracts are signed and paid for, we will start ordering products with extended lead times, such as cabinets, plumbing fixtures, appliances, tile, etc. This helps keep to the budget and schedule. There will be fewer if any, product substitution challenges and product delivery delays that can be addressed well before they are needed.

STEP 6: Pre-Construction Meeting:

We will get together with you at your home to discuss the schedule.  We will review the scope of work as well as other important details, including:
Working hours
Dumpster and equipment locations
Product staging areas
Project schedule and payments.                                                                                                                                Access to the home, maintaining security.

Pets: Where will pets be during construction?

Personal items must be removed from the areas to be remodeled. Logistics of where you will store them, such as renting a container or putting them in another area of the house, will be addressed.  Any additional information and or concerns you have

Step 7: Construction

We will begin your project working with our team of fully licensed and insured construction professionals with whom we have good relationships. The project manager will keep you informed of when we will be there and keep you up to date with the progress of your project, as well as when progress payments are due.
If you request or require changes or additional work for any reason, we will prepare a written change order for your review and acceptance before the changes or work is performed.
To help you understand the construction process and sequence, our construction agreements describe the work to be completed in the same order we anticipate completing your project. Using the agreement, you can follow and anticipate the construction process as your renovation project unfolds.

Step 8: Completion

When the project is near completion, we will create a punch list, go over everything to ensure it’s to your satisfaction, and have you sign off on the form. When the project is 100% completed, we will remove the dumpster and our equipment. All money due will be paid. We strive for perfection and hope that you will refer us to others. If you believe we did a fantastic job, we ask that you write a review for us. We look forward to serving you in the future.



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