Eco-Friendly New Homes


Passive Solar Sustainable Home

We are committed to the environment. Our passive solar Eco-friendly homes are designed and built around the site and solar orientation (True South). We design/build for those who seek Simplicity over Extravagance. Our Eco-friendly homes are for those who love nature, the outdoors, the environment, and who are minimalists.

What sets us apart from the competition?

  • Our homes are designed and built using passive solar design/build practices
  • We care where and how we design and build
  • Conservation is our buzzword
  • Each home is unique and is in unison with its surroundings
  • We believe in the 4 R’s: Reclaim, Recycle, Reduce and Relax
  • We build with sustainable materials and finishes
  • We build using Advance FramingĀ 
  • We build above Code and our homes are energy efficient
  • Solar Power: Passive and Active are standard
  • Garages are upgrades

If this is your lifestyle, then give us a call today at 603.716.6885, and let’s start turning dreams into reality



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