Square Footage is a State of Mind

Lawrence Homestead, Groton, MA

I had the honor of growing up in Architecturally pleasing homes. From the beautiful 13,000+ sf Lawrence Homestead, a rambling Colonial Victorian mansion to the 6400 sf contemporary my father designed for our family. I’ve lived in small homes under 1200 sf and a 400 sf bedroom loft style apartment. Currently I live in a 267 sf (including sleeping loft) tiny home on wheels which I designed and helped build. I affectionately call it the Linden Retreat since my surname means Linden Tree.  I couldn’t be happier. I love my tiny abode.

The late Anthony Hars’s  home, Groton, MA

I’ve come to realize that square footage is a state of mind. Realistically we only need shelter from the elements to keep us warm in the winter, cool in the summer and free of harsh weather. The comedian George Carlin skit about “Stuff” summed it up perfectly: the real reason we have large homes is for our accumulated belongings.

The Linden Retreat THOW

Even though the McMansions are going out of style and people are downsizing, the need for storage is great. That’s why the Public Storage industry is booming. We are busting at the seams.

Adaptability is key to downsizing. We can do almost anything if we put our minds to it. I’ve always been interested in the tiny home movement. If one thinks about it, when we were children, what room in the house were we most comfortable in? Most of us can say without hesitation our bedroom. A place where we sought refuge, it was our safe zone.

Tiny homes are equivalent to our childhood bedroom. We seek freedom and simplicity. Something that is all of our own.

Living in my tiny home on wheels has been a wonderful experience. Through the Northwest Montana seasons of 30 below zero in January to 100 degrees in July, My THOW and I have weathered the storms unscathed. I’m grateful that I have had the opportunity to understand what tiny living is all about. It’s a wonderful experience one that I will always treasure.

Recently I decided to sell it. I’m hoping to find a buyer who will love it as much as I have. Thinking outside the box, it would be perfect for a writers retreat, art/music studio, guest quarters, investment property, hang out, office, away space, or take it on the road and explore the landscape of this beautiful country we call home: The sky is the limit.



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