Because They Say That’s Why

red oak fl

Reclaimed wood floor with Natural Tung Oil

We’ve all heard the statements: Green is to expensive. Green is cost prohibitive. Green products are inferior. Green is to this and Green is to that. Where are people getting their information? I have spoken to many intelligent people and it comes down to one place: “THEY”.

Now I must ask : Who are They? And how did They become so vocal and so important? Could it be that the story sounds more plausible when They back it up. Of course, it must be true. And so on and so on… I for one always question. If a customer says: “I heard Green is more expensive” I respond by asking: “How much more expensive is too expensive? Is it $50, $100, $1000? What is the real figure that is too expensive.

By having a real number, now we can talk and overcome the objections.

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