Creating Scale: Tiny Home on Wheels

When one looks at pictures of tiny homes on wheels one doesn’t really think about height. Standing next to one, however,  the height is massive. 13’6″ from the ground is quite tall. How does one bring it into scale? By creating the illusion that it’s smaller by using horizontal and vertical materials, different textures and colors.

By using various materials & colors creates scalend colors. Even though it’s the same height it feels more manageable.

My shed roof tiny home on wheels combines this logic. Instead of having board (exterior grade plywood) and batten (vertical strips) from top to bottom, I elect to have the vertical board and batten top off at 7 feet high on the long sides of the first level of the home. While the shorter gable ends are at 8 feet. I use a full bodied stain in a soft green called Curly Sage by Sherwin Williams. The cedar trim; corner boards, facia and belly are stained in a solid stain, Creamy, also by Sherwin Williams. Above the belly trim on the long ends are the 6 inch horizontal cedar tongue and groove (T&G), oiled in an Eco-friendly soy based.  A matte sheet metal is installed above the gable ends. Only the windows and door on the gable ends trim. Stain is so much easier to maintain than paint since it soaks into the wood rather than paint which lays on top of the wood. I have no desire to spend countless hours scraping paint in 5 years. I now have a manageable home in all aspects and I love it.

Architectural Scale



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